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Powerplay Sports


Play Hard. Have Fun. Look Great.

W  E  L  C  O  M  E    T  O

•  Powerplay Sports  •

We strive to revolutionize the team and corporate industry with exceptional products and services all while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. Through continuous improvement we are committed to the highest standards of quality to set us apart from the competition.

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Powerplay Sports was established in 2000 from a vision to service and supply the Edmonton area with apparel and awards.

18 years later, one move to a new building and the acquisition of The Ribbon Factory and Trophy Shop, Powerplay Sports operates as one of the leading local apparel and awards stores in Edmonton. With our diverse range of services and the ability to produce most everything in-house, we are a one stop shop for all your corporate and team needs. We have proven customer service satisfaction as well as a vast community support system. To all our clients we promise quality, efficiency and speedy turn around times. 

Ameen Kadri

Owner, Operator

Ameen Kadri has been living in Edmonton, Alberta for over 45 years. At a very young age he had the business sense and determination to always succeed. Growing up with very little, he knew that he had to work very hard to get anywhere in this world. In his early teens to help support himself and his family he worked at local Gas Stations, Community Paper Routes and the Community Skating Rink. He always had a desire to one day own his own business and in 1990 he along with his partners opened Londonderry Auto Service and made their dream a reality. That business is still running very strong to this day.

Ameen, has been in the Business Service industry for over 25 years. In 2000 he branched out into the sports industry and Powerplay Sports was born.

Powerplay Sports started in a small office and with a vision, 18 years later that vision is still alive and serving not only small teams but many associations and companies in and around the Edmonton area.

Ameen Kadri believes in giving back to the community, he supports, sponsors and volunteers with many not for profit organizations and still does to this day. He believes that it is very important to work with people as that was the way he was brought up, honesty and Integrity with everyone. He has had many role models and has learned from each and every one of them and still is learning to this day.

In closing, Ameen Kadri is a person that believes that “you have to give in order to receive”.